Welcome to Living With Money!

Welcome to Living With Money!

Through blog posts and weekly podcasts, Living With Money is aimed to promote financial literacy and help everyday people feel comfortable with their money.

So many personal finance topics that should be taught throughout high school and college are lost, and people leave school with no solid foundation in terms of managing their finances.

Our goal is to better educate the public on topics like the importance of budgeting, responsibly managing credit, analyzing your monthly cash inflows and outflows, saving for retirement, how to start investing, having an emergency fund, the basics of taxes, good debt vs. bad debt, and how to start getting your financial life on the right track.

When it comes down to it, every single person lives with money in one way or another.

This blog and podcast are meant to educate, as well as inspire, the listeners and readers.  The guest interviews you will hear on the podcast are meant to serve as prime examples of people in your everyday life that truly make the most of their money.  They are also meant to provide insight as to how YOU can possibly start to make the most of YOUR money.

We are here to help you feel more comfortable with your money, and hopefully teach you how to make better financial decisions.

Thank you for checking out Living With Money, and we hope to see you back here very soon!

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