Tim’s Top Links – 9/16/19

This is the first year that I have season ticket to the Jets, and tonight I will be going to my first regular season home game.  The Jets play the Browns on Monday Night Football.

On paper, the Jets looked to be poised for a decent season, but with Sam Darnold getting mono and other players out tonight, the script needs to be re-written.  The same goes for financial planning.  On paper everything looks great, and then life happens.  Time to adjust!

Here’s what I’ve been reading this morning:

‘A Market of Stocks’ – Ben Carlson – A Wealth of Common Sense

  • Despite the overall good year the S&P 500 is having, Ben writes about how the index is still made up of stocks having their own individual good AND bad years.

‘Is This the Hardest Investing Environment Ever?’ – Cullen Roche – Pragmatic Capitalism

  • Cullen was on the Stansberry Investing Hour last week talking about why his bullish view on bonds has changed, the current investing environment and more.

‘Do You Need a Car?’ – Ramp Capital LLC

  • Ramp breaks it down for the reader to determine if owning a car is actually a real necessity.  For some people, it may not be and for others it’s a must!

‘Reminder: Money is a Tool’ – Jeremy Walter – Calibrating Capital

  • Jeremy gives a welcome reminder about money.  It’s the fuel that helps us get to our destination, nothing more, nothing less.


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