Tim’s Top Links – 8/5/19

Last week I wrote a post questioning the Mets process when it comes to performance chasing and relief pitchers.  Of course, the timing of my bashing couldn’t have been worse.  The Mets are in the midst of their hottest streak of play all season, and are now just 3 games out of a playoff spot!

Here’s what I’ve been reading this morning:

‘The Mets are Performance Chasers’ – Living With Money

  • Whether it’s the New York Mets and the way they approach free agency, or an investor looking for new ideas – performance chasing is a dangerous game.

‘Three Things I Think I Think: Rate Cut Edition’ – Cullen Roche – Pragmatic Capitalism

  • With the Fed recently cutting interest rates for the first time in years, Cullen shares his take on the situation.

‘Does He Score? ft. Brett Swain’ – Stephen Nelson – Per Diem

  • The first episode of the Per Diem Show, Stephen talks with Brett Swain – former NFL wide receiver about his career and transitioning to life after football.

‘The Big Lie in Personal Finance’ – Ben Carlson – A Wealth of Common Sense

  • There are a lot of myths and fabrications in personal finance, but Ben explains what the BIG lie of personal finance is, and why it’s not always our fault.


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