Tim’s Top Links – 7/30/19

A hot button issue for a lot of folks today is student loans and forever rising cost of college.  The first link today outlines how far people are willing to go to find financial aid.

Here’s what I’ve been reading this morning:

‘College Financial Aid Loophole: Wealthy Parents Transfer Guardianship of Their Teens to Get Aid’ – The Wall Street Journal 

  • To find the financial aid they’re looking for, some parents are going as far as transferring legal guardianship of their children to others to pay for school.

‘5 Questions People Don’t Ask Their Financial Advisor (But Should) – Peter Lazaroff

  • Working with a financial advisor is great choice, but finding the RIGHT advisor and having the right information about them is crucial.

‘How To Lower Your Comcast Bill’ – Lou Haverty – Financial Analyst Insider

  • When it comes to services like cable, the costs can add up quick.  Here’s a useful post to help you make sure you’re paying the right price for your cable.

‘Deceleration’ – Josh Brown – The Reformed Broker

  • Josh addresses the concerns about “negative earnings growth” and what’s been happening to EPS and sales growth over the last year or so.


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