Tim’s Top Links – 7/15/19

This past weekend here at the Jersey Shore was a 10/10.  Absolutely beautiful weather, nothing on the schedule, and maximum relaxation.  It’s weekends like those that make it easy to love where I live.  Hopefully you all had a wonderful weekend as well!

Here’s what I’ve been reading this morning:

‘Four Currencies of Life’ – Jeremy Walter – Calibrating Capital

  • Jeremy writes about the four things we can all use, manage, and exchange: our time, money, energy, and ability.

‘Storm Preparation’ – Blair duQuesnay – The Belle Curve

  • As those in New Orleans, prepped for Tropical Storm Barry over the weekend, Blair wrote about how hurricanes remind her of bear markets.

‘”Optimal” Retirement Planning Strategies’ – Ashby Daniels – Retirement Field Guide

  • While it’s great to crunch numbers to find the “optimal” withdrawal rate, it’s important to understand the limitations of that research moving forward.

‘The Myth of the Perfect Portfolio’ – Robin Powell – Rock Wealth LLP

  • When it comes to the masses, there is no “perfect portfolio” for everyone, but Robin outlines 3 steps to finding YOUR perfect portfolio.



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