Tim’s Top Links – 6/19/19

If some new product or investment comes along, it’s a certainty before long the IRS will find a way to tax it.  Find out what I’m talking about in the first link today.

I will be out of the office Thursday and Friday, so you’re on your own for links the next two days!  I’ll be back with a new roundup on Monday!

Here’s what I’ve been reading this morning:

‘Egg Noodles and Ketchup’ – Mullooly Asset Show

  • In Ep. 145 of the show, Tom talks about the IRS taxing bitcoin and crypto gains and relates it to the old quote from the movie Goodfellas.

‘Press Your Luck’ – Douglas A. Boneparth – Bone Fide Wealth

  • With the game show ‘Press Your Luck’ returning to TV, Douglas shares the story of Michael Larson and what it can teach us about investing.

‘Until We Get the Whole Dollar’ – Blair duQuesnay – The Belle Curve

  • Blair’s latest post talks about the gap in pay between men and women in this country, and Ritholtz’s effort to attract more women to the field of financial advice.

‘How’s Your Aim?’ – Bob Seawright – Above the Market

  • Whether it’s a golf flag, a urinal target, or a proper investing benchmark, we all have a tendency to perform better when we have something to aim at.


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