Tim’s Top Links – 5/3/19

Sometimes a post just hits you right in the chest with every word, and makes your day.  That happened to me this morning when my brother, Casey Mullooly, put up his latest post on his blog ‘All Things Are One’.  Check it out below, and have a great weekend!

Here’s what I’ve been reading this morning:

‘Fine Line’ – Casey Mullooly – All Things Are One 

  • In a world drowned in ‘soundbite advice’ – “don’t care what others think”, “get rid of your ego” – Casey provides some needed color and nuance to these pieces of advice.

‘I Had No Idea’ – Anthony Isola – A Teachable Moment

  • Years ago, Anthony had no idea he’d one day be on TV advocating for teachers and their 403(b) plans, but you can watch the clip in the link above!

‘Softening the Edges of the Market’ – Ashby Daniels – Retirement Field Guide

  • We’re constantly told not to chase performance, but if you look closely enough, a lot of the market is MADE from past performance.

‘Deep Dive into the Value Factor’ – Larry Swedroe – Alpha Architect

  • There’s much more to investing in value than meets the eye.  Larry takes a deeper look into value, and how it works for investors.


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