Tim’s Top Links – 5/14/20

Have you seen Tom’s personal blog, Jersey Shore Financial Advisor?

Last week he wrote a really inspiring post about re-thinking what is “possible” nowadays. You can go check it out at this link!

Here’s what I’ve been reading this morning:

‘Am I Ready to Buy a Home?’ – Maureen Wright – The Financial Fashion Planner

  • A lot of people might be asking themselves this question, so Maureen breaks down the thought process you should have behind answering it.  She talks about rules of thumb, questions to ask yourself, and more!

‘How Value Investing Works’ – Michael Batnick – The Irrelevant Investor

  • Every handful of years there seems to be a discussion about the merits of value investing.  In his latest post, Michael breaks down the basics of value investing and links to a video where he and Josh Brown discuss if value investing is “dead”.

‘Coronavirus Finishes the Retail Reckoning that Amazon Started’ – The Wall Street Journal

  • The shift towards online retail dominating the space has been happening for a few years now, but the current pandemic has only accelerated that process.  Amazon has captured even MORE market space, as if that was even possible to begin with.

‘Why Liquid Net Worth is So Important For Your Finances’ – Nick Maggiulli – Of Dollars and Data

  • The popular way of measuring your financial success or security has been “net worth”, but in his latest post Nick takes a look at why LIQUID net worth is actually the more important metric when it comes to financial security.


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