Tim’s Top Links – 4/18/19

You guys know what day it is!  That’s right, another Thursday means another AWESOME podcast episode has dropped.  Check it out below.

With the markets being closed tomorrow, we will also be closed here at Mullooly Asset Management.  I will be back with more Top Links on Monday!

Here’s what I’ve been reading this morning:

‘065 – Peter Lazaroff – Making Money Simple’ – Living With Money

  • We welcome Peter back to the podcast to talk about his new book Making Money Simple. Listen to the episode and go grab a copy of the book!

‘Traits of Great Financial Advisors’ – Daniel Crosby – Brinker Capital Blog

  • Trying to find your next advisor, or evaluate your current one?  Daniel outlines some traits that make advisors great.

‘Be Careful Where You Get Your Financial Advice From…’ – Cullen Roche – Pragmatic Capitalism

  • You shouldn’t take financial advice from just anyone.  Cullen explains the importance of vetting those that give you advice/information.

‘Little by Little’ – Michael Batnick – The Irrelevant Investor

  • Like anything in life, good work takes time.  Michael talks about the last year of videos they’ve produced at Ritholtz, and how they’re hitting their stride little by little.


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