Tim’s Top Links – 4/12/19

I always forget how much I love spring time every year.  This week some of the trees and bushes have started to bloom here in New Jersey, and it’s such a mood-booster!

I’ll suffer through the pollen allergies for this!

Here’s what I’ve been reading this morning:

‘Groundhog Day and Overnight Returns’ – Drew Dickson – Albert Bridge Capital 

  • If you had to guess would you think more of the returns from the investment come overnight or intraday?  Well, you don’t have to guess. Drew spells it out for you!

‘The Greatest Hoax of All-Time’ – Stefan Cheplick

  • Assuming someone who works in a certain industry must be so much smarter than you is the wrong way to approach life.

‘Younger Americans are Much More Comfortable Talking Money on a First Date’ – Amanda Dixon – Bankrate

  • Millennials are killing something else.  This time it’s the taboo surrounding personal finance, and that’s a great thing!

‘How Can We Hold Onto Our Identities More Lightly?’ – Ram Dass

  • Be careful when putting ourselves into groups.  The potential to create an “us vs. them” mentality increases.


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