Tim’s Top Links – 4/11/19

It’s Thursday, so that means another awesome new episode of the podcast is available!  Check out the link below.

Here’s what I’ve been reading this morning:

‘064 – Stephen Nelson – Per Diem’ – Living With Money 

  • Tim and Stephen talk about how he intertwines sports and finance in his fantastic blog posts on ‘Per Diem’.

‘The Art of Decision Making’ – Tadas Viskanta – Abnormal Returns

  • Tadas outlines how our brains are ill-suited for investing, and how we can benefit from putting up “guardrails” for our brains to not make mistakes over and over again.

‘Pete Alonso is Just the Big, Beefy Slugger Queens Needs’ – Michael Baumann – The Ringer

  • Alonso is taking the MLB by storm his first week plus, and Baumann talks about why he stands out from other players with similar profiles.

‘Before You Leave’ – Dennis Friedman – Humble Dollar

  • Friedman outlines key points he would tell someone before starting their life on their own about relationships, jobs, marriage, and more.


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