Tim’s Top Links – 3/6/19

Once again, a lot is being made of Kylie Jenner being called the youngest “self-made” billionaire.  People, for some reason, seem to be REALLY upset about this.  Why?  How does that affect your life on a day to day basis?  You’d be better off channeling that energy you have towards hating on her into your own work and growing YOUR OWN net worth.

**Steps off soap box**

Here’s what I’ve been reading this morning:

‘How Buying & Selling a Home is Changing’ – Mullooly Asset Show 

  • In Ep. 130, Tom outlines how companies like Zillow are starting new ventures that will change your home buying/selling experience forever!

‘Four Things You Need Before Starting a Company’ – Josh Brown & Bill Sweet – Ritholtz Wealth Management

  • Being an entrepreneur and starting your own company is the hot, cool thing to do nowadays.  Josh and Bill outline four things to have BEFORE starting your own company.  Pay attention!

‘Giving Advice That Sticks’ – Daniel Crosby – Brinker Capital Blog

  • Whether it’s being prescribed medicine by a doctor, or financial advice from an advisor, Americans have a problem actually following the advice given to them. Daniel outlines ways to make your advice more memorable for the client.

‘Averages are Clean But Actually Results are Messy’ – Ben Carlson – A Wealth of Common Sense

  • Many plans and portfolios are constructed based on market averages, but as Ben explains the individual investor hardly ever gets those averages on a yearly basis.


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