Tim’s Top Links – 3/5/20

While the volatility in the market continues, the one constant is that it is Thursday and a new episode of the podcast has dropped!  Click here to listen to my conversation with Bryan Hasling in Ep. 111!

Here’s what I’ve been reading this morning:

‘Today Was Weird’ – Michael Batnick – The Irrelevant Investor

  • As volatility continues, the market has been having some weird days.  Yesterday included.  Michael outlined what happened, and why it was weird.

‘How Do We Get People to Save More for Retirement?’ – Ben Carlson – A Wealth of Common Sense

  • Half of the population is exposed to stocks, but most of that resides with the wealthy.  Ben writes about ways to get more people involved in saving/investing for retirement.

‘How to Manage Change’ – Permanent Equity

  • There are very few constants in life, and in business.  This article outlines how to effectively introduce change into a business without negatively affecting it.

‘The Fed Cut Rates, And…’ – Mullooly Asset Show

  • In Ep. 182, Tom explains the “surprise” interest rate cut of 50 bps by the Fed, what it could mean for the economy, stocks, and more!


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