Tim’s Top Links – 3/2/20

With what happened in the markets last week, it felt like we’d never get through the week and move on.  But guess what?  Here we are with a brand new week ahead of us!

The world keeps on turning, and life goes on.  It’s easy to get swept up in the moment, but each day is a new chance to move forward.

Here’s what I’ve been reading this morning:

‘Your Portfolio Was Built For This’ – Ashby Daniels – Retirement Field Guide

  • Ashby makes the case for your investment portfolio and why it was made to withstand tests like this coronavirus scare.

‘Managing Risk with the Coronavirus’ – Mullooly Asset Podcast

  • Last Friday in Ep. 296, Tom went into more detail about risk tolerance and managing your portfolio during times of market volatility.

‘Take Courage’ – Robin Powell – Humble Dollar

  • Robin writes about focusing on what we can control with our investments, and how humans are attuned to focusing on immediate threats.

‘Risk, Not Volatility, is the Real Enemy’ – Christine Benz – Morningstar

  • Christine writes about the importance of establishing the difference between risk and volatility, and how we can properly identify risk.


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