Tim’s Top Links – 3/11/19

I’ve been dealing with Daylight Savings Time for 26 years now, and EVERY SINGLE YEAR without fail I get thrown off by losing an hour of sleep in March.  You’d think I’d be used to it by now.

Here’s what I’ve been reading this morning:

‘What Does It Mean To Live With Money?’ – Living With Money 

  • My latest blog post from last week dives into the meaning behind this website’s name. Everyone lives with money in one way or another.  Find out what living with money means to me.

‘Bad Things, Good People’ – Douglas A. Boneparth – Bone Fide Wealth

  • Money-suckers like timeshares attract even the best people out there.  Douglas likens this to the growing problem with student loans as well.  Even the best fall victim to loans they may not need.  Find out how to combat these things above.

‘Why Inflation is Good For Us’ – Tim Harford – The Undercover Economist

  • In his latest post, Tim outlines how regular inflation is good for the economy, compared to hyperinflation and how that has affected certain economies over time.

‘Our Brains are Ill-Suited to Investing’ – Tadas Viskanta – Abnormal Returns

  • When it came to making a snap decision or getting eaten by a saber-tooth tiger, our brains provided an advantage.  When it comes to investing, not so much.  Find out why our brains are not suited for investing.


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