Tim’s Top Links – 2/28/19

And just like that, February is over.  Now onto St. Patrick’s month.  I’m only half-joking call it that.  It seems like (at least around here in New Jersey) St. Patrick’s Day gets celebrated every Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the month of March.  Not complaining, but certainly a very American thing to do.

Here’s what I’ve been reading this morning:

‘059 – Blair duQuesnay – Ritholtz Wealth Management’ – Living With Money 

  • Tim interviews Blair on this week’s podcast as they chat about the lack of female advisors, the annuity business, saving for retirement and more!

‘Substance’ – Blair duQuesnay – The Belle Curve

  • Blair expands on an answer in the Living With Money podcast in her latest post.  The bar to give financial advice is low, extremely low.  Blair talks about the need to raise that bar.

‘Put Down Your F*cking Phone’ – Ramp Capital LLC

  • This latest post addresses a problem for most of us: getting off our phone.  The ‘screen time’ feature on our phones can be a real eye-opener for most, and Ramp talks about how he is trying to remedy his need to look at his phone.

‘Four Important ETF Industry Developments’ – Ryan Kirlin – Alpha Architect

  • As Ryan pointed out in last week’s podcast, the ETF industry is forever changing.  He outlines four major changes in the industry that happened in 2018.


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