Tim’s Top Links – 12/20/19

Yesterday we dropped Episode 100 of the podcast, and the response was so great!  Just know all of the kind words and feedback keeps me motivated to make Episodes 101-200 even better!  Have a great weekend!

Here’s what I’ve been reading this morning:

‘Episode 100 of Living With Money’ – Living With Money

  • If you missed this week’s milestone episode, check it out!  And there are 99 other episodes to catch up on as well!

‘Highlights From the New SECURE Act’ – Tom Mullooly – The Human Advisor

  • When it comes to retirement accounts, it’s important to know the rules to avoid penalties.  Tom outlines new changes coming in this new legislation.

‘Pressure Cooker’ – Casey Mullooly – All Things are One

  • Instead of telling yourself to have no expectations, Casey outlines how he approaches expectations and what happens when you don’t reach them.

‘Agile Financial Planning in Lieu of the Traditional Plan’ – Roger Whitney – Nerd’s Eye View

  • A shift in financial planning is underway where advisors want to create an “agile” plan instead of a one-time plan.



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