Tim’s Top Links – 12/12/19

Only a few more Thursdays left in 2019 and next week is Ep. 100 of the show!  For this week though, you can check out Ep. 99 that dropped this morning!  It’s another great conversation about all things personal finance.

Here’s what I’ve been reading this morning:

‘099 – Michele Cagan, CPA – Retirement 101’ – Living With Money

  • Michele joins the show to talk about her upcoming book ‘Retirement 101’ and a handful of her other personal finance related books!

‘Kids are Expensive’ – Ramp Capital

  • It’s well-known that having kids costs money, but it’s often underestimated just HOW MUCH.  Ramp digs into some numbers and stats about raising children.

‘Why Your Financial Planning Employees Quit’ – Bryan Hasling – Millennial Planners

  • Even in a growing industry of financial planning, Bryan outlines why some planners are leaving their jobs and looking elsewhere.

‘How Becoming Risk Literate Can Help You Build Wealth’ – Life and My Finances

  • Understanding the relationship between risk and reward is one of the most important aspects in investing and building wealth.


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