Tim’s Top Links – 11/8/19

Did you miss my conversation with Scott & Bethany Palmer (aka The Money Couple) yesterday?  Not to worry!  You can still listen to it here!  Enjoy the weekend.

Here’s what I’ve been reading this morning:

‘SEC to Allow Use of Testimonials, Endorsements?’ – Tom Mullooly – The Human Advisor

  • Tom weighs in on the recent proposal by the SEC and what it would mean for investors and advisors across the country.

‘For RIAs, Can a Publicist Make a Nobody a Somebody?’ – Gary Stern – RIA Intel

  • Advisors, including Brendan Mullooly, weigh in on the merits of using a publicist versus building your own credibility online as an advisor.

‘How Do Bonds Work?’ – Ashley Feinstein Gerstley – The Fiscal Femme

  • We often hear about stocks and bonds in portfolios, but do you really understand how bonds work?

‘What to Do With RMDs You Don’t Need or Want’ – Peter Lazaroff

  • Sometime the ‘required’ part of a ‘required minimum distribution’ can be quite annoying.  Peter outlines a few things to do with that money if that’s the case.


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