Tim’s Top Links – 10/7/19

I think I once heard Gary Vaynerchuk (don’t quote me on that) say something along the lines of “1/7th of your time on this planet will be a Monday”.

His point was that if you “hate” Monday’s, you’re going to spend a significant portion of your life unhappy just because of the day of the week.  Don’t let that happen!

Here’s what I’ve been reading this morning:

‘Change the Change’ – Casey Mullooly – All Things Are One

  • If the only constant is change, aren’t we capable of changing the way we change?  Casey writes about his internal conversation when thinking about changes in his life.

‘Finance Topics That Make Your Head Hurt’ – Ben Carlson – A Wealth of Common Sense

  • The returns from bonds recently have left investors in an odd situation.  Ben discusses the options investors have and why this all makes his head hurt.

‘Bored Games’ – Jim Wasserman – Humble Dollar

  • Jim writes about the fleeting impact of buying gadgets to make your kids “not bored”.  He instead suggests an alternative that is cheaper and more creative.

‘First-Rate Intelligence’ – Bob Seawright – Above the Market

  • While it may seem all humans are bound to fall victims to behavioral biases forever, Bob writes about how we actually are making progress.


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