Tim’s Top Links – 10/31/19

Happy Halloween, everybody!  Tomorrow the calendar takes the turn towards Thanksgiving, and we head into the MLB offseason with the Washington Nationals as World Series champions.  I already can’t wait for Opening Day 2020!

Here’s what I’ve been reading this morning:

‘How Much is Enough?’ – Casey Mullooly – All Things Are One

  • Empathy and understanding are great qualities to have, but how much empathy and understanding is enough?

‘There are No Bear Market Vaccines’ – Brendan Mullooly – Your Brain on Stocks

  • While we can get a flu shot and other vaccines to prevent illness, there is unfortunately no vaccine to avoid the next bear market.

‘Known Unknowns and Share Prices’ – Drew Dickson – Albert Bridge Capital

  • In the investing world, investors REALLY don’t like known unknowns.  Not sure what that means?  Drew breaks it down for you in his latest post.

‘093 – Ben Johnson – Morningstar’ – Living With Money

  • Ben Johnson, Director of Global ETF Research at Morningstar, joins the podcast this week to talk about trends in the investing industry and more!


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