Tim’s Top Links – 10/14/19

Well, it happened.  The Jets finally won their first game of the season.  Sam Darnold came back from mono, and the offense looked alive again.

It’s remarkable the emotional swing a professional sports team can take a fan on.  After the game last night, you would’ve thought they won the Super Bowl and not moved to 1-4 on the year.

Here’s what I’ve been reading this morning:

‘Terrible Business Plans, Wonderful Businesses’ – Ben Carlson – A Wealth of Common Sense

  • Sometimes the most successful products and businesses have the most unusual business plans.  Ben writes about a few of these companies/products.

‘Net Worth’ – Maureen D. Wright – The Financial Fashion Planner

  • Maureen shares the importance of knowing your net worth, how to calculate it, and offers a few better ways to track it.

‘ETFs Get All the Buzz, But Mutual Funds Still Dominate.  There’s a Reason’ – The Wall Street Journal

  • Despite what you might have heard, ETFs are not really close to overtaking the mighty mutual fund.  This article breaks it down.

‘Pros and Cons of Commission-Free Trading’ – Mullooly Asset Podcast

  • In Ep. 277, Tom and Brendan break down the good and the potential bad that comes along with no commission trading, and more!


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