Tim’s Top Links – 10/10/19

Referencing what I wrote yesterday about “playing the game” – last night’s games were PERFECT examples of that.

Also, it’s Thursday yet again!  Another dynamite episode of the podcast has dropped.

Here’s what I’ve been reading this morning:

‘090 – Jeremy Walter – Fident Financial’ – Living With Money

  • Jeremy stopped by to drop some absolute gems of financial planning wisdom on the podcast this week.  You need to go check this one out.

‘When Filling Out FAFSA, the Waiting is the Hardest Part’ – Tony Isola – A Teachable Moment

  • Tony shares some info for folks filling out FAFSA this year, or potentially NOT because they think they don’t qualify for it.

‘Don’t Want to Know’ – Dennis Friedman – Humble Dollar

  • As Dennis writes, sometimes (most times) we’re better off not knowing what other people make or how much money they have.

‘Big Brokers Don’t Like Index Funds’ – Mullooly Asset Show

  • In Ep. 161, Tom talks about why many large brokerage firms still aren’t allocating much money into index funds.


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