Tim’s Top Links – 10/1/19

Three quarters of the way through 2019.  How has your year been?  Have you made some good progress through the first nine months of the year?  What are your goals for the last three months?

I’m not talking about for your portfolio.  I’m talking about for YOU personally.

Here’s what I’ve been reading this morning:

‘Most Emerging Market Funds are China Funds in Disguise’ – Perth Tolle – The Reformed Broker

  • Perth drops in on Josh Brown’s blog to write about the problem most EM funds have when it comes to China, and what certain new funds can do to change that.

‘The Stock Market Game’ – Mark Meredith – Meredith Wealth Planning

  • Mark shares a lesson learned from playing picking stocks with fake money in college, and why he doesn’t play the game in real life with real money.

‘The Ubiquity Curse’ – Dave Nadig – ETF.com

  • ETF’s becoming more common has allowed amateur investors and analysts access to every part of the market, but be careful when and how to cite them.

‘Are Wealth Taxes a Good Idea?’ – Nick Maggiulli – Of Dollars and Data

  • With some presidential candidates floating the idea of a wealth tax around, Nick looks into what that would actually mean for people in the United States.


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