Tim’s Top Links – 1/7/20

It’s that time of year where NFL teams are looking for their new head coach.  It’s always a nice reminder that everything is subject to change when the time comes.  Whether it’s a long-tenured coach, or someone just their for a year, when the organizational goals shift – making an adjustment is necessary.

Here’s what I’ve been reading this morning:

‘Curveball Clarity’ – Blair duQuesnay – The Belle Curve

  • Life will throw you plenty of curveballs.  That’s a fact.  Blair writes about a few questions to ask yourself to gain clarity of these curveballs.

’10 Things Investors Can Expect in 2020′ – Ben Carlson – A Wealth of Common Sense

  • Uncertainty is everywhere in the market, but Ben writes about 10 things he’s fairly certain investors can expect in the coming year.

‘Few Bank Failures Could be a Warning Sign for US Financial System’ – Wall Street Journal

  • Times are good for banks in the US, but a few economists warn that it’s during the good times that bad loans get made.

‘Independent Advisors Can Still Have Conflicts of Interest. How to Protect Your Finances’ – Barron’s

  • It’s always important for investors to understand if your advisor is dual-registered and what that could mean for your finances.


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