Tim’s Top Links – 1/3/20

Since there really isn’t much news going on today, you might as well take the time to listen (or re-listen) to Ep. 102 of the podcast!  You can listen to it here.

Enjoy the weekend!

Here’s what I’ve been reading this morning:

‘Risk’ – Jeremy Walter – Calibrating Capital

  • Risk is a commonly used word in finance and investing, but what actually IS risk? Jeremy defines risk and addresses some risks you might not usually think of.

‘What I Learned About Investing in 2019’ – Stefan Cheplick

  • It’s beneficial to evaluate everything you learned from the past year, and Stefan summarizes all of the investing points he learned during the last year.

‘No Asterisks’ – Josh Brown – The Reformed Broker

  • People will try and poke holes in market returns over the last decade, but as Josh writes, there is only one reality and the numbers don’t lie.

‘Forecasting Follies 2020’ – Bob Seawright – Above the Market

  • When it comes to making predictions, it’s everywhere in finance, politics, and many other areas.  Bob writes about forecasts, being wrong, and more in his latest post.


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