Tim’s Top Links – 1/2/20

What better way to start the first work day of the new decade than with a new episode of the podcast?!  Check it out below!

Here’s what I’ve been reading this morning:

‘102 – Tina Hay – Napkin Finance’ – Living With Money

  • Tina is the CEO and founder of Napkin Finance and joins the show to talk about her new book which was released this past Monday!

‘Get 2020 Started on the Right Foot’ – Mullooly Asset Show

  • In this week’s episode, I give the viewers a few helpful financial planning ideas to get your new year started on the right foot financially.

‘No One Wants to Follow a Pessimist’ – Ben Carlson – A Wealth of Common Sense

  • As Ben writes, pessimism can get you a lot of attention but in the end people don’t want to follow a pessimist.  Find out why in his latest post.

‘What Should You Do When the Stock Market Goes Bonkers?’ – Cullen Roche – Pragmatic Capitalism

  • We’ve just finished a pretty remarkable year in the stock market, so Cullen writes about what to do when years like this happen.


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