085 – The Best of Summer 2019 Pt. 1

On this week’s episode, we catch you up on some of the best answers you might have missed on your summer vacation!  If you’ve taken the past few months off from worrying about your finances, soaked up some sun, and enjoyed the summer – we’ve got you covered!  This week and next week we will be recapping some of the best answers from the podcast that happened over the summer.  Enjoy!

Show Notes

Ep. 71 – Taylor Schulte – Define Financial 

Ep. 73 – Wes Gray, PhD – Alpha Architect

Ep. 75 – Dina Isola – Ritholtz Wealth Management

Ep. 76 – Cameron Huddleston – Mom & Dad, We Need to Talk

The full transcripts for the answers in this episode can be found at the links above in the original episode show notes!  Enjoy!


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