068 – Jeff Ptak – Morningstar

In Ep. 68, Tim talks with Jeff Ptak – Global Director of Manager Research for Morningstar.  They discuss some of Morningstar’s research and which piece Jeff personally finds the most interesting.  They also talk about some of Jeff’s blog posts covering topics like asset location, reasons to move on from a mutual fund, the effect fees are having on the industry and more!

Show Notes

‘Mind the Gap Report – 2018’ –  Russel Kinnel – Morningstar 

‘Think Twice Before You Ditch That Laggard Fund in Your Portfolio’ – Jeff Ptak

‘Are Falling Fund Fees Too Much of a Good Thing?’ – Jeff Ptak

‘Quit Chasing Unicorns: Consistent Fund Performance is Overrated’ – Jeff Ptak

‘Investing Taxable Money in Active Stock Funds? Bad Idea’ – Jeff Ptak

‘Relentless: Remembering Jack Bogle’ – Jeff Ptak

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