Tim’s Top Links – 12/5/19

Well, it’s finally happening.  Mets fans are getting their wish.  Although it will take 5 years, the Wilpon’s are in the process of stepping aside as the owners of the franchise.  For Mets fans everywhere, this is MASSIVE news.

In other MASSIVE news, another great episode of the podcast dropped this morning!

Here’s what I’ve been reading this morning:

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098 – Maureen Wright – Huber Financial

In Ep. 98, Tim talks with Maureen Wright from Huber Financial.  Maureen is a financial advisor and blogs on her site called The Financial Fashion Planner.  They discuss Maureen’s work as an advisor, as well as her ability to fuse personal finance lessons with fashion planning on her blog.  They talk about using credit cards around the holidays, what Millennials should look for in an advisor, and the financial planning lessons Maureen learned from getting her first puppy.  Enjoy!

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