074 – Nina O’Neal – Female Advisor Network

In Ep. 74, Tim talks with Nina O’Neal.  Nina is a partner and investment advisor at Archer Investment Management, as well as the founder of the Female Advisor Network.  They talk about Nina’s work as an advisor, as well as the launch of the Female Advisor Network earlier this year.  Nina talks about why she wanted to a place to connect and empower other female advisors and encourage more women to join the field.  They also discuss the balancing act of being a working parent, and much more!

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‘Dumb Starbucks’ and Your 403(b)

Have you ever seen the TV show ‘Nathan For You’ on Comedy Central?  If you haven’t it’s a show about a comedian, Nathan Fielder, that “helps” small businesses with their marketing tactics.

However, Fielder’s suggestions aren’t exactly traditional, and are almost always very, very bad (albeit funny) ideas.  The business owners don’t know that Fielder is purposely feeding them ridiculous ideas.

I came across one of the episodes in which he outlines the idea for a coffee shop called ‘Dumb Starbucks’.  The idea is to use the exact same logo, color scheme, and branding of Starbucks, but put the word ‘Dumb’ in front of it. That way people will come into the store thinking it’s a real Starbucks and buy more coffee.

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Tim’s Top Links – 6/19/19

If some new product or investment comes along, it’s a certainty before long the IRS will find a way to tax it.  Find out what I’m talking about in the first link today.

I will be out of the office Thursday and Friday, so you’re on your own for links the next two days!  I’ll be back with a new roundup on Monday!

Here’s what I’ve been reading this morning:

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