001 – Brian Perrino Interview – Allenwood Organics

In Ep. 001, Tim talks with Brian Perrino, a local business owner in the Jersey Shore area.  Apart from being a teacher during the day, Brian owns two small businesses.  Brian runs a tutoring business helping students in math and prepping for standardized tests such as the SAT, ACT, and GMAT.  Brian also owns a landscaping/gardening business called Allenwood Organics.  Allenwood Organics builds custom vegetable gardens for their clients, and helps maintain those gardens throughout the year as well.  It’s a great way to save money on produce and eat healthy organic fruits and vegetables!  Brian also shares his thoughts on the definition of “being wealthy”, and what he wished he knew about money ten years ago.  Enjoy! Continue reading

002 – How To Start Your Financial Plan

In Ep. 002 of Living With Money, Tim and Tom break down how to get your financial plan started.  By analyzing your monthly cash flows and your monthly fixed and discretionary expenses, you can tell easily if you are running at a “profit” or a “loss”.  By examining your own “personal balance sheet”, you can also tell if you own more than you owe.  This is an important exercise for EVERY age, and this is a crucial first step in getting your financial life on the right track. Continue reading

000 – Welcome to Living With Money

Welcome to Living With Money.  This podcast is aimed to promote financial literacy, and help you better understand your relationship with money in your everyday life.  In this episode, Tim and Tom outline what exactly you can look forward to on future episodes!  Enjoy!

000 – Welcome to Living With Money – Transcript

Tim Mullooly: Hello and welcome to Living with Money. This is episode number 000. That’s kind of unusual, don’t you think. A little bit, but let me tell you why we’re doing an episode zero. Continue reading

Welcome to Living With Money!

Welcome to Living With Money!

Through blog posts and weekly podcasts, Living With Money is aimed to promote financial literacy and help everyday people feel comfortable with their money.

So many personal finance topics that should be taught throughout high school and college are lost, and people leave school with no solid foundation in terms of managing their finances.

Our goal is to better educate the public on topics like the importance of budgeting, responsibly managing credit, analyzing your monthly cash inflows and outflows, saving for retirement, how to start investing, having an emergency fund, the basics of taxes, good debt vs. bad debt, and how to start getting your financial life on the right track.

When it comes down to it, every single person lives with money in one way or another. Continue reading