Tim’s Top Links – 8/19/19

There have been THOUSANDS of rookies to come through the National League since it’s inception, but only ONE of them has ever hit 40 home runs in his rookie year.

That one player is Pete Alonso!  Even if the Mets don’t end up making the playoffs, this will be a truly historic season for Alonso.  It’s just flat out fun to watch.

Here’s what I’ve been reading this morning:

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082 – Dr. Brad Klontz – Your Mental Wealth

In Ep. 82, Tim talks with Dr. Brad Klontz.  Brad is a financial psychologist, a certified financial planner, author of five books, a professor at Creighton University and more!  They talk about the close ties between money and emotions, and why humans are wired to make sometimes irrational decisions.  They also talk about negative money mindsets, self-sabotaging financial practices, and whether or not money can buy you happiness.

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