068 – Jeff Ptak – Morningstar

In Ep. 68, Tim talks with Jeff Ptak – Global Director of Manager Research for Morningstar.  They discuss some of Morningstar’s research and which piece Jeff personally finds the most interesting.  They also talk about some of Jeff’s blog posts covering topics like asset location, reasons to move on from a mutual fund, the effect fees are having on the industry and more!

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Let’s Put the ‘Personal’ Back in Personal Finance

The May 2019 issue of Money magazine was delivered to our office recently with a large picture of Dave Ramsey on the cover.

The cover reads:

“The Debt Slasher: Broke millennials are flocking to financial guru Dave Ramsey – is his advice sound?”

The piece about Ramsey in the magazine starts by telling the story of an event Ramsey held in Grand Rapids, MI back in February.  The story says “Grand Rapids was blanketed in an ice storm earlier that afternoon, so much of the crowd had to drive through miles of slush to make it in.  But 4,000 people still showed up, Ramsey said later.”

Something about that quote just didn’t make sense to me.  4,000 people are going to listen to a man talk about “personal” finance?

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